DHCC aims to provide a platform where women and families can connect with our counsellor and other like minded professionals.



Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) #17664

DHCC began when Dayna decided to create a platform where women and parents could receive counselling and connect with other like minded professionals. A mother herself, Dayna recognizes the importance of vulnerable, honest, and strong connections with a reliable network of people. Through her experience as a counsellor and an educator she has learned a great way to support children is to empower their parents. In addition to being a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), Dayna is a part-time school counsellor, a mother, and an avid outdoors adventure seeker. Dayna offers individual counselling sessions and runs The Mama Gathering, group sessions for new and expecting mothers.





Registered Nurse

Rosie Munroe is a Registered Nurse and a regular guest speaker for the Mama Gathering. Rosie is a mother of two boys, and works in general medicine at the Kootenay Lake Hospital in Nelson, BC. She is currently completing a specialty in Prenatal Nursing. Rosie is eager to connect with families and contribute to their learning along the parenthood journey, especially when related to health and wellness. When she isn't working or folding her littles' laundry, she is outside exploring with her family. You can connect with Rosie through the Mama Gathering sessions or by emailing DHCC.




Karen, a registered physiotherapist, regularly joins The Mama Gathering sessions as guest speaker  to support moms with information on their changing post-baby bodies. Karen has a MScPT from the University of Southern California, 28 years of experience, and has an unwavering passion for helping individuals get back to their athletic activity, a topic common in the parenthood community. Karen has three grown children (Dayna is one) and two wonderful grandbabies. You can connect with Karen directly through the weekly Mama Gathering sessions or through our online platform.


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